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A filling is a dental restoration that fills in a cavity that formed on your tooth, helping the tooth regain structural integrity. There are many categories of fillings, and composites make up one of them. Here is what they can do for you.

These kinds of filling are made with a composite resin, which happens to be colored just like a tooth. Because of this characteristic, composite fillings can vanish like a white dot on a white background when applied. If the cavity was on one of your front teeth and people could see it, getting a composite filling can cover it up, and other people may not even realize you have a filling.

What can further help a composite filling turn invisible is its ability to bond with teeth. Any possible line or seam between the filling and the tooth may be so small that it can be indiscernible. This bond can also help the filling to stay in place. You will still need to be careful not to do anything that may lead the filling to fall out, but a composite filling can have a little extra security from this bonding ability.

If you struggle with a cavity and would like to have it filled in, we offer a couple types of filling here at our office in Cambridge, Ohio. You can learn more about their benefits and which one can work best for you by talking with our dentist, Dr. Charles O. Du Bois. We are always happy to help treat and prevent cavities. You just need to call (740) 439-2962, and we will be there for you.